About Us


Crossing Paths Media is, at its core, a media advocacy agency. We’re focused on creating media (from documentary to personal essay to animation and beyond) that uses the art of storytelling to promote a political or social cause, reveal a cultural truth, or give a voice to an under-represented person or group. Also, sometime we just create for joy. Levity is important.


A bit about our personal story:


Half-workaholic, half-hippie artist, our paths crossed at a 9-5 office job typified by stale coffee and shirts tucked in. We felt chained to bills and caged by cubicles. We were exploiting our own creative work to generate money for corporations we didn’t believe in. Fed up, we quit our jobs, planned for a transient lifestyle and started creating for what matters.


We’re currently doing three months at a time in AirBnBs but you also might find is volunteering in a different country for 6 months at a time. We’re looking to move full time into a van soon. We’re choosing lives and careers both on the road and off the beaten path. This lifestyle choice is part of our agency. It’s reflected in our projects, blog, and Instagram content. Crossing Paths Media values freedom and adventure: pursuing passion, staying true to yourself, and taking risks. We also have a soft spot for nostalgia and whimsy. These facets are represented not only in our lifestyle, but also in the creative work we do.

Our first product, Just Add Milk, is currently in production stages. This project seeks to ___. To learn more about helping us fund, this project, click here. 50% of all profits will go to ____.

Before paths crossed

Sasha Laferte Cuneo

Sasha is a writer and marketer. She’s most experienced at using creative storytelling to grow, scale, and monetize companies. Her thoughts have been published in content marketing institutre, LinkedIn Marketing blog, Convince and Convert, and more.

Her passions include women’s rights, LGBTQ advocacy, health, and sustainability among others. She spends her free time as the VP of membership on the board of Directors at Mass NOW, and running triathlons. Her degree is in WLP and poli comm.


Derek Cuneo

Derek is an animator and designer with work spanning the technical direction for the Scifi channel, data security, installation animation for coca cola, and __ for mit. He’s a reknowned animaton professor having lectured at BU, UMass Boston, and __.  He passionate about public education, lgbtq rights, __ and __.